possible thesis topics

This page contains both research area of current thesis, and possible topics of new thesis.

News (May, 2008)

New interdisciplinary project, across mobile devices and musical computer science. We would like to design and develop an interactive application, running on smartphones connected by means of Wi-Fi. The application will be a new kind of game, based on music. Please, contact me for detailed information.

Mobile devices

Development of new architectures for interactive and distributed applications on smartphones.
Currently, our target device is the iPhone. Such a device offers new challenges: it is impossible to install native applications, and any third party application has to be based on the Web. Some of the involved technologies are: AJAX, JavaScript, Java.

Interactive Web Systems

Development and evolution of Web based architecture for interactive systems. Such architectures have been developed in previous thesis works.

Analysis of distributed system

Simulations campaign to characterize the behaviour of specific distributed systems.

Students proposal

The student could propose topics for her/his thesis. The proposal has to be in accordance with my research areas.

External thesis

I am in contact with a research group of the CNAF that works on Grid Computing. We have always available topics for a thesis.

Sometimes, thesis works in industries are available.

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