Computer Science — 11314

spring 2008


Teaching methods: Lessons and guided practice in laboratory.

Language of instruction: Italian.

Exam: Computer based tests on theory and practice. Additional oral examination optional.

Learning outcomes: Conscious usage of computers. Main components of hardware and software. Basics of some personal productivity tools, computer networks and Internet.

Contents: Becoming skilled at information technology. Hardware and software. Person-computer interface and basics of graphic user interface, GUI. Main kinds of interaction. Introduction to networks, Internet and the World Wide Web, WWW. Main issues of the Hypertext Markup Language, HTML. Document structure, link, anchors, and tag. Web searching. Digital representation of data. Codes ASCII and Unicode. Von Neumann machine. Principles of computer operation. Algorithmic thinking. Representing multimedia digitally. Digital and analog data representation. RGB color coding. Data compressions, MP3 and JPEG, of sounds and images. Social implications of information technology. Effectiveness of the e-mail. Netiquette. Basics of spreadsheet. Introduction to database concepts. Database queries. Privacy and digital security. Cookie. Identification by means of login and password. Internet virus and other threats. Digital signature. Computational complexity issues. Data rights management.

Recommended reading: L. Snyder. Fluency with Information Technology - Skills, Concepts, & Capabilities (2-nd ed.). Addison Wesley, 2006.
Italian version: L. Snyder. Fluency - Conoscere e usare l'informatica. Addison Wesley, 2006.
Some details (in Italian language), about the laboratory practice, can be found by following this link.

Lessons: the course will start in the second semester.

Office hours: Wednesday 11 - 12. Or by e-mail to the teacher

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