Phd Program in Mathematics

Topics in Cloud and High-Performance Computing

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Two recent technological trends have emerged as being undeniable: (i) an increasing number of services and applications are being provided through cloud computing, (ii) scientific progress is increasingly being driven by data and computation through high-performance computing. In both cases, the platforms that they run on no longer resemble pizza boxes or refrigerators, but warehouses full of computers. Large portions of the hardware and software resources in these facilities must continue to work correctly and in concert to efficiently deliver services, even in the presence of errors and failures. This goal can only be achieved through a holistic approach to their design and deployment where the datacenter itself is treated as one massive warehouse-scale computer. In this course we will examine the technical challenges that need to be confronted in modern cloud and high-performance computing. We will examine a number of innovative data-driven techniques that can be employed to affront important questions including their energy efficiency and reliability.


12 hours


10.00-13.00, Aula Seminario 2, DISI, Mura Anteo Zamboni 7


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March 18, 2024: Introduction, Economics of Modern Cloud Computing
March 19, 2024: Hardware and Software Technologies
March 20, 2024: Security, Availability and Accountability in Cloud Computing
March 21, 2024: Future Trends, AI and Predictive Technologies for Cloud Computing and HPC


Barroso, Luiz André, Urs Hölzle, and Parthasarathy Ranganathan. “The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines”, Third Edition, Morgan & Claypool Publishers series Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture Lecture #24 (2018): i-189.