Software (under construction)

CUSCUS simulation framework.
An highly-realistic,integrated simulation platform for distributed networked systems made of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The simulation tool allows modeling at the same time: (i) network dynamics (thanks to the integration with the NS3 simulation), (ii) UAV control dynamics (thanks to the integration with the FL-AIR tool), and (iii) 3D environment characteristics (thanks to the integration with the OpenStreetMap service). The tool development is a joint project between UNIBO (Prof. Marco Di Felice, Dr. Angelo Trotta) and the Lab. Heudiasyc of the Sorbonne University (prof. Enrico Natalizio). Please visit the project webpage for more details, or refer to this scientific publication.

Other Resources

  • NS2-slides. Some slides on the modelling and simulation of computer networks by3 using the Network Simulator 2 tool.
  • Python Tuturial. A brief tutorial on Python programming, reviewing all the essential elements of the language.
  • Android Tuturial. A tutorial on Android programming (12 hours course for high-school students), with all the essentials needed to develop a mobile application.