Date Name Paper
03/05 Lorenzo Cazzoli
Global Diffusion via Cascading Invitations: Structure, Growth, and Homophily
Salvatore Alescio
Coordination and Efficiency in Decentralized Collaboration
Andrea Zuccarini
Can Cascades be Predicted?
Pasquale Muscettola
Discovering Value from Community Activity on Focused Question Answering Sites: A Case Study of Stack Overflow
Alessio Netti
Coevolution of Network Structure and Content
05/05 Gianluca Monica The Party is Over Here: Structure and Content in the 2010 Election
Alessandro Cocilova
The Lifecycles of Apps in a Social Ecosystem
Simone Scala
A Bayesian Framework for Modeling Human Evaluations
Alice Valentini
Rumor Cascades

09/05 Oronzo Antonelli
Punctuated Equilibrium in the Large Scale Evolution of Programming Languages
Riccardo Candido
Quantifying Long-Term Scientific Impact
Giordano Manfredi
Emergent (mis)behavior vs. complex software systems
Filippo Maccarelli
Inferring Social Ties across Heterogenous Networks
Luca Casini
Recipe recommendation using ingredient networks
10/05 Lorenzo Li Gregni
Governance in Social Media: A case study of the Wikipedia promotion process
Leonardo Serra
Differences in the Mechanics of Information Diffusion Across Topics
Giovanni Pisana
Knowledge Sharing and Yahoo Answers: Everyone Knows Something
Giovanni Modica
Containing the accidental laboratory escape of potential pandemic influenza viruses
Francesco Pini
Social Networks Under Stress
12/05 Davide Beretta
Fat tails, long memory, maturity and ageing in open-source software projects
Michele Cucchi
Topological vulnerability of the European power grid under errors and attacks
Riccardo Marchi
The Anatomy of Large Facebook Cascades
Maria Eleonora Fontanesi Romantic Partnerships and the Dispersion of Social Ties: A Network Analysis of Relationship Status on Facebook