Game Theory: Models, Numerical Methods, and Applications

Dario Bauso
University of Palermo (Italy)

Lecture 1: Introduction, types of games (sequential, simultaneous), Prisoner's Dilemma, Nash Equilibrium (NE), Dominant Strategies.
Lecture 2: Zero-sum games, conservative strategies, existence and properties of saddle points, mixed strategies, min-max theorem, Equilibrium point theorem.
Lecture 3: More on mixed strategies and saddle points, examples, computation of saddle points via linear programming problems, computation of NEs via Linear complementarity problems.
Lecture 4: Stackelberg equilibrium, Pareto optimality, examples & exercises.
Lecture 5: Optimal control, Pontryagin Maximum principle, Dynamic programming, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation, Differential games, Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs equation.
Lecture 6: Games with vector payoffs, approachability, attainability.
Lecture 7: Large population games, mean field games.

Protection of sensitive information

Catuscia Palamidessi
INRIA Saclay and LIX (France)

Abstract: In todays' information society, the tremendous computational and storage capabilities of our electronic devices, and their massive use by the population at large, are exposing the users' sensitive or personal data to serious risks of information leakage and malicious exploitation. The issues related to this problem have been the object of a quite active area of research since some years already. In this course, we will give a brief survey of the main approaches proposed in the literature, and then we will focus on the randomized methods, which are recognized nowadays as the most effective. In particular, we will present the main concepts and results from the fields of Quantitative Information Flow and Differencial Privacy.

Introduction to Modern Cryptography

Giuseppe Persiano
University of Salerno (Italy)

Abstract: The short course will provide an introduction to Complexity-Based cryptography and will cover pseudorandomness, construction of secure cryptosystems and zero-knowledge proof systems.