The Second IEEE International Workshop on Emerging COgnitive Radio Applications and aLgorithms

Coral 2013 will have a distinguished Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Petri Mahonen (see details)

The Workshop program is online! (click here to see the program)

IEEE TCSIM will sponsor the CORAL 2013 Best Student's Paper Award!
A fast track issue will be hosted on the Elsevier's Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) Journal for extended versions of selected high quality papers.

firefox In recent years, the increasing number of wireless technologies and applications, and the current inadequacies of spectrum allocation policies resulting from licensing arrangements by national spectrum regulatory agencies have lead to a situation in which most of the spectrum has been allocated, and vacant frequencies are considered precious resources that need preservation. At the same time, several spectrum measurements have been performed to demonstrate that wide portions of the licensed spectrum are only sporadically utilized, or are considerably underutilized at any given location. Cognitive Radio (CR) has emerged as one of the key technologies to solve the problem of spectrum scarcity and underutilization.

In this workshop, we address the identification, development and assessment of emerging applications of CR networks, and reflect on the current state-of-art on the implementation of CR systems. At the same time, we plan to investigate the methodologies , techniques and algorithms that are required to fully realize the potential of CR technology. This includes the new paradigms and multidisciplinary techniques that can be considered for CR management, organization and control under the algorithmic viewpoint.

Due to the timeliness of the topics, we expect the workshop to be a possible ground of cross-fertilization between academia, industry, and standardization groups , and to provide an original contribution to the state-of-art of research on cognitive radio networking. We also consider the workshop as a perfect arena for participation of young PhDs and Researchers who will receive provocative ideas, visions and guidelines on new potential directions of research on methodologies, techniques, algorithms and multidisciplinary aspects of the cognitive radio networking.

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