Date Name Paper
25/11 Marlon Thenhaus
Functional Structures for US state governments
Diego Chinellato
NetRL: Task-aware Network Denoising via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Omar Younis
Statistical physics of liquid brains
Antonios Iosifidis
Supply Networks as Complex Systems: A Network-Science-Based Characterization
26/11 Zachary Walravens Understanding the Representation Power of Graph Neural Networks in Learning Graph Topology
Giorgia Campardo
Corruption risk in contracting markets: a network science perspective
Tommaso Giannuli
The Product Space Conditions the Development of Nations
Emma Deijkers Modelling the impact of testing, contact tracing and household quarantine on second waves of COVID-19
30/11 Pietro Fanti Fixation and Fluctuations in Two-Species Cooperation
Riccardo Mioli
Network medicine framework for identifying drug-repurposing opportunities for COVID-19
Alex Costanzino
Networks of climate change: Connecting causes and consequences
Nicolas Lazzari
Social Catalysts: Characterizing People Who Spark Conversations Among Others
02/12 Marco Costante
The Role of Social Networks in Information Diffusion
Carlo Longhi
The paradox of second-order homophily in networks
Valerio Tonelli
Algorithmic Monoculture and Social Welfare
Gaetano Signorelli
Predicting collapse of adaptive networked systems without knowing the network
03/12 Gianluca Lang
Isotopy and energy of physical networks
Keran Jegasothy
Network medicine framework shows that proximity of polyphenol targets and disease proteins predicts therapeutic effects of polyphenols
Angelopriya Rosica
A psychological network approach to attitudes and preventive behaviors during pandemics
Francesca Raffo
Network Structure and Community Evolution on Twitter: Human Behavior Change in Response to the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
07/12 Stefania Bernabè
Social network structure and composition in former NFL football players
Tiberio Marras
Social Networks Under Stress
Lorenzo Niccolai
Information Evolution in Social Networks
Giorgio Buzzanca
Information theory, predictability and the emergence of complex life
Martino Pulici
Finding Patient Zero: Learning Contagion Source with Graph Neural Networks