Date Name Paper
18/11 Michelle Zanotti Do Diffusion Protocols Govern Cascade Growth?
Antonietta Pascarella Roles for Computing in Social Change
Michele Stelluti Quantifying NFT-driven networks in crypto art
Alessandra Cosenza Networks of reliable reputations and cooperation: a review
23/11 Isabella Marasco Network-based prediction of protein interactions
Akira Petrolini Mimetic Models: Ethical Implications of AI that Acts Like You
Mohammad Amin Nazerzadeh The paradox of second-order homophily in networks
Daniele Baiocco The Social Ties of Immigrant Communities in the United States
24/11 Davide Baldelli When is an action caused from within? Quantifying the causal chain leading to actions in simulated agents
Lorenzo Molfetta Predicting collapse of adaptive networked systems without knowing the network
Francesco Beccafichi Social network structure and composition in former NFL football players
Jens Hartsuiker Recovery coupling in multilayer networks
25/11 Federico Rullo Information Evolution in Social Networks
Tommaso Cortecchia The friendship paradox in real and model networks
Vittoria Conte Measuring the Completeness of Economic Models
Giovanni Pio Delvecchio Hypergraph cuts with general splitting functions
30/11 Antonio Politano The paradox of second-order homophily in networks
Nicandro Potena Formation of homophily in academic performance
Francesco Piconi The Structure of Online Information Behind Social Crises
Marco Acerbis Finding Patient Zero: Learning Contagion Source with Graph Neural Networks
01/12 Francesco Alfieri Realistic, Mathematically Tractable Graph Generation and Evolution, Using Kronecker Multiplication
Mazeyar Moeini Feizabadi Growing Neural Cellular Automata
Diego Concetti Do Cascades Recur?
Gaia Ebli Signed networks in social media
02/12 Giuseppe Massimo Network Structure and Community Evolution on Twitter
Alex Citeroni Evolution of Brains and Computers: The Roads Not Taken
Monye Babatunde The Challenge of Understanding What Users Want: Inconsistent Preferences and Engagement Optimization