Date Subject Slides
18/09 Course organization and contents, Motivation, Complex systems: definitions, methodologies (F/1) 01-Intro.pdf
20/09 Dynamical systems, Nonlinear dynamics (F/10) 02-Dynamics.pdf
21/09 Chaos, Bifurcations and Feigenbaum constant, Predictability, Randomness and Chaos (F/14)  
25/09 Lesson cancelled  
27/09 Models of complex systems (MP/3), Cellular automata, Wolfram's classification, Game of life (MP/8, F/15) 03-Models-Cellular-Automata.pdf
28/09 Autonomous agents (MP/6), Flocking, Schooling (F/16), Synchronization, Formation creation (papers) 04-Models-Agents.pdf
02/10 Cooperation and Competition, Game theory basics, Prisoner's Dilemma (F/17) 05-Game-Theory.pdf
04/10  Festa di San Petronio  
05/10 Game theory: Nash equilibrium (EK/6), Coordination games, Mixed strategy games (EK/6)  
09/10 Lesson cancelled  
11/10  Lauree  
12/10 Adaptation, Evolution (MP/10, F/20), Genetic algorithms, Evolutionary games (EK/7) (Lesson in Aula E2) 06-Adaptation-GA.pdf
16/10 Network Science: Definitions and examples (EK/1, vS/1) 07-Net-Sci.pdf
18/10 Graph theory, Basic concepts and definitions (EK/2, vS/2-3) 08-Graph-Theory.pdf
19/10 Diameter, Path length, Clustering (vS/6-7), Centrality metrics (EK/3); Network visualization with Gephi  
23/10 Structure of real networks (vS/8-9), Degree distribution, Power-laws, Popularity (EK/18) 09-Universal-Properties.pdf
25/10 Models of network formation; The Erdos-Renyi random model (vS/7) 10-Models-Erdos-Renyi.pdf
26/10 Models of network formation; Clustered models; Watts-Strogatz model (vS/7) 11-Models-Clustered.pdf
30/10 NetLogo tutorial NetLogo.pdf
01/11 Festa di Ognissanti  
02/11 Models of network growth, Preferential attachment (vS/7) 12-Models-Growth.pdf
06/11 Small-world networks, Network navigation (EK/20) 13-Small-World-Navigation.pdf
08/11  PeerSim and MatLab tutorials PeerSim.pdf
Matlab Tutorial.pdf
09/11 Peer-to-peer systems and overlay networks (vS/8), Structured overlays, DHTs, Key-based routing, Chord (vS/8.2) 14-P2P.pdf
13/11 Distributed network formation: Newscast, Cyclon, T-Man (papers) 15-Newscast-Cyclon-T-Man.pdf
15/11 Processes on networks: Aggregation; Rational dynamics (papers) (Lesson in Aula E1) 16-Aggregation.pdf
16/11 Cooperation in selfish environments, Homophily, Segregation (EK/4) 17-Rational-Dynamics.pdf
20/11 Diffusion, Percolation, Tipping points, Peer-effects, Cascades (EK/19, 21) (Course Evaluation) 18-Diffusion-Contagion.pdf
22/11 Presentation of course project specifications  
23/11 Student presentations
27/11 Student presentations  
29/11 Student presentations
30/11 Student presentations  
04/12 Student presentations  
06/12 Further questions and answers about the project