The pi-calculus: a Theory of Mobile Processes
Davide Sangiorgi David Walker
INRIA Sophia Antipolis University of Oxford


   Cambridge Universtity Press ,  2001



Mobile systems, whose components communicate and change their structure,
now pervade the informational world and the wider world of which it is a
part.  The science of mobile systems is as yet immature, however.
This book presents the pi-calculus, a theory of mobile systems.  The
pi-calculus provides a conceptual framework for understanding mobility, and
mathematical tools for expressing systems and reasoning about their
The book serves both as a reference for the theory and as an extended
demonstration of how to use pi-calculus to describe systems and analyse
their properties.  It covers the basic theory of pi-calculus, typed
pi-calculi, higher-order processes, the relationship between pi-calculus
and lambda-calculus, and applications of pi-calculus to object-oriented
design and programming.
The book is written at the graduate level, assuming no prior acquaintance
with the subject, and is intended for computer scientists interested in
mobile systems.

The cover page of the book is by Franco Favaro. The background of this web page is by Feng Yang Yue.