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About RePDF

RePDF is a simple Java program that produces a PDF document by processing a set of input PDF documents.

RePDF can be used to:

All the hard work is performed by the itext PDF library, kudos to Bruno Lowagie and Paulo Soares for iText.

I wrote RePDF mainly to test Netbeans' visual swing interface designer (and also beacuse I needed a PDF version of psnup), I hope someone else will find it useful. I put in the program all the options that are useful to me, if you have suggestions to improve RePDF, or you found a bug, feel free to write me.


Input files selection

Layout options

Installation instructions

RePDF comes in two versions: full and light. The full version comes with the iText library boundled in the jar file, you just have to download the repdf-full-<version>.jar file and run it (with a double click from your file system GUI or typing java -jar repdf-full-<version>.jar from the command line); of course you need to install Java beforehand. The light version does not include iText so you have to download the iText jar file from the iText website, RePDF has been tested with iText v.1.01. Again you can run RePDF with a double click from your file system GUI or typing java -jar repdf-<version>.jar from the command line, but the iText jar file must be in the same directory as the RePDF jar file.


RePDF is distributed under the GLP license.


0.91 - first public release


RePDF full version 0.91

RePDF light version 0.91 (needs the iText jar file)