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What is it
The OmniGO Commander (OC) is a smart, small, DOS file browser.
I wrote it mainly to browse my HP OmniGO filesystem but it is quite useful with any DOS based machine.
OC can be used both as a shell utility (it allows file name completion and provides a customizable entry line which is useful under the OmniGO screen that can display, in DOS mode, just 30 characters) and as graphical browser (well... character based graphics, of course, just like Norton Commander, Volkov Commander, Dos Navigator and others).
Differently from other browsers the OC's file panel is just 30 characters wide, perfect to fit in your OmniGO display.

The current version of OmniGO Commander is 1.0 beta
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What's new

Known bugs
I'd be glad to ear from you about OC so feel free to send me a message.
Hey, where's the program?
It's here :)

OC is © 1996, Davide Rossi.