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Jada: multiple object spaces for Javatm

Jada is a package for Java that allows distributed Java applications (or even applets) to acces a shared object space for coordination and data sharing purposes (just like Lindatm does).
Using Jada, applications can access as many object spaces as they like; each object space can be either local or remote (local object spaces can be shared between threads; remote tuple spaces can be shared between java application or applets).
Using Jada you can easily build distributed applications for the WWW, just download the package and watch at the demos that come with it.
The current version of Jada is 3.0 beta and its use is reserved for research projects and applications. Any user should register (I would really appreciate if do so) sending me an e-mail message. This version of Jada is not backward compatible with the previous ones (but just little changes are required), if you're using an old version of Jada, please update your programs.
Since this is a beta version I also encourage you to send me bug reports, thanks.
Click here to send me a message.
I'm writing the wrapper code for a breakthrough demo application for Jada: a distributed WWW based hearts card game. It should be available in the net within the end of the year; in the meanwhile you can give a look to this preview.
Click here to download Jada (.tar.gz version) or here for the .zip version.
Click here to download the previous version of Jada (2.0 beta2).
Click here to see the on-line documentation (the same that comes with the package).
This package is part of the PageSpace project.
Jada is © 1996, Davide Rossi.
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