Paolo Parisen Toldin

Phd in theoretical computer science

Here i'm going to put some documents. These will be slides,notes and everything else that could be useful to someonelse

Papers (only legal links)
Higher-order characterization of PP We present an higher order ICC characterization of Probabilistic Polynomial Time. It's done by using a prototipe of functional language.
Sustainability e DP-fairness. These slides talks about embedded systems. Focusing on two papers, i'll try to explain differences between the definition of Sustenability and DP-fairness.
Survey on Content Based image retrieval
Slides of the presentation of the survey
This sourvey taks about content based image retrieval systems. It presents basic ideas and some advanced features.
Introduction notes to linear logic
Slides of the presentation of notes
These notes would like to give an introduction to linear logic, by starting from Gentzen's LK system. I will show how is it possible to find the multiplicative and additive connectives just by deleting weakening and contraction rules.
A sourvey on Bzip These notes, written together with Alessandro Adamou, tries to explain how Bzip works. It presents also theoretical results and benchmarks.

Introduzione a Python | soluzione Slide del corso a Biotecnologie AA 2012/2013
Seconda lezione | soluzione
Terza lezione | soluzione