Andrea Marcozzi


Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna


via Ranzani 14b

40127 Bologna, Italy

Floor 3 Room 3

Mail Address:

mura Anteo Zamboni 7

40127 Bologna, Italy


phone: +390512095509

fax: +390512094871


marcozzi (at)

Research Interests:

- Complex systems

- Peer-to-Peer Networks

- Organization theory

Other Interests:

- Music

- Cinema

- Photography


Bertinoro CSS-TW1 workshop

ECCS 06, Oxford (UK)

EURAM 07, Paris (France)

ECCS 07, Dresden (Germany)

ESSA 08, Brescia (Italy)


Short Bio:

Andrea Marcozzi received his MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bologna in March 2005. Then he attended the Ph.D. course in computer science at the University of Bologna where he had the opportunity to work in the DELIS project joining the Prof. Ozalp Babaoglu’s group. During the second half of the Ph.D. course, he had the opportunity to work with Prof. Edoardo Mollona with whom developed the most of the work reported in his Ph.D. thesis. In April 2009 he received his Ph.D in Computer Science.

His main research interests are related to “Organization Theory” and in particular to the “Theory of the Firm”.  His research activities concern the study of Self-Organizing mechanisms for the allocation of tasks in Firms working in a Knowledge Economy. The technical report of his Ph.D. thesis can be found here.

A list of his main publications can be found here.