1st International Workshop on
Web Services and Formal Methods
(WS-FM 2004)

February 23-24, 2004, Pisa, Italy
Workshop affiliated to COORDINATION 2004, February 24 - 27, 2004



Monday 23

9.30-10 Registration

10-11 Invited Lecture: Ugo Montanari

11-11.30 Coffee break


Web services as a New approach to Distributing and Coordinating Semantic-based Verification Toolkits
Michael Baldamus, Jesper Begnston, GianLuigi Ferrari, Roberto Raggi

Reasoning about interaction protocols for web service composition
Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Alberto Martelli, Viviana Patti

A formal approach to service specification and matching based on graph transformation
Reiko Heckel, Alexey Cherchago, Marc Lohmann

13-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.30 Invited Lecture: Cedric Fournet

15.30-16 Coffee break


 Towards a Formal Foundation to Orchestration Languages
Mirko Viroli

Formalizing Web Services Choreographies
Antonio Brogi, Carlos Canal, Ernesto Pimentel, Antonio Vallecillo

Requirements-Driven Verification of Web Services
Marco Pistore, Marco Roveri, Paolo Busetta

Specifications using XQuery expressions on traces
Marcus Venzke

Tuesday 24


A Process Calculus of Atomic Commit
Laura Bocchi, Lucian Wischik

A Framework for Generic Error Handling in Businness Processes
Manuel Mazzara, Roberto Lucchi

Formal Specification of a Web Services Protocol
James E. Johnson, David E. Langworthy, Leslie Lamport, Friedrich H. Vogt

10.30-11 Coffee break


Panel discussion on "Orchestration and Choreography of Web Services"
Speakers from: Microsoft, HP, Oracle and Choreology.