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Associate Professor in Computer Science
University of Bologna/INRIA, Italy

E-mail address: ivan.lanese@gmail.com

Twitter: @IvanLanese

Via Malaguti, 1/D
Bologna, Italy
tel.: 339/5861783

Research interests

I am mainly interested in formal models and programming languages for distributed and mobile systems, such as service oriented systems and IoT systems. I aim at providing languages, analysis techniques and tools to support the programming of correct concurrent and distributed applications. I am currently active in reversible computing, and in particular reversible debugging, and choreographic programming.

Upcoming events I am involved in

Work with me

There will probably be an open position for a one year post-doc (assegno di ricerca) to work on the APIgator project in collaboration with the freelands company. The position will require familiarity with formal methods for protocol specification (e.g., behavioral types). Further information will be available soon. If interested please contact me.

Editorial board direction

Current projects and groups

Collaboration with industry

I am participating to the Jolie project, aiming at developing Jolie, a language for programming service oriented applications. Jolie has born at the Computer Science Department of University of Bologna, inside the European FET-GC2 project Sensoria. Jolie is currently developed by the Computer Science Department of University of Bologna and by company ItalianaSoftware.

Software projects

Besides participating to the Jolie project above, I am contributing to the following projects:


You can browse my publications in the following web pages:



You can find more detailed information about my work and my job history here.


Office hours: by e-mail appointment, at my office (Via Malaguti 1/D).

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