Ivan Lanese's Home Page

Researcher in Computer Science
University of Bologna/INRIA, Italy

E-mail address: ivan.lanese@gmail.com

Via Malaguti, 1/D
Bologna, Italy
tel.: 339/5861783

Research interests

I am mainly interested in formal models for distributed and mobile systems, such as service oriented systems and IoT systems. I have concentrated on developping process calculi for modelling different kinds of systems, studying their semantic properties, their expressive power and developping analysis techniques on top of them. Recently I studied in particular reversible computation and choreographic programming.

Upcoming events I am involved in

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Current projects and groups

Collaboration with industry

I am participating to the Jolie project, aiming at developing Jolie, a language for programming service oriented applications. Jolie has born at the Computer Science Department of University of Bologna, inside the European FET-GC2 project Sensoria. Jolie is currently developed by the Computer Science Department of University of Bologna and by company ItalianaSoftware.

Software projects

Besides participating to the Jolie project above, I am contributing to the following projects:


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You can find more detailed information about my work and my job history here.


Office hours: by e-mail appointment, at my office (Via Malaguti 1/D).

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