Recent Papers


1.    R. Gorrieri, Language Representability of Finite Place/Transition Petri Nets, Vietnam Journal of Computer Science 3(1):15-34, 2016. (updated version)

2.    R. Gorrieri, Language Representability of Finite P/T nets, in Programming languages with applications to biology and security - Colloquium in honour of Pierpaolo Degano for his 65th birthday, (PLABS 2015), LNCS 9465, 262-282, Springer-Verlag, 2015. (extended abstract of the paper above)

3.    R. Gorrieri, C. Versari, An Operational Petri Nets Semantics for A2CCS, Fundamenta Informaticae 109(2):135-160, 2011.

4.    R. Gorrieri, M. Vernali, On Intransitive Noninterference in Some Models of Concurrency, in FOSAD 2011, LNCS 6858, 125-151,  Springer, 2011.

5.    E. Best, Ph. Darondeau, R. Gorrieri, On the Decidability of Noninterference Over Unbounded Petri Nets,  SecCo 2010,  EPTCS 51, 16:33, 2010.