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Welcome to the HPCS 2011 tutorial "Parallel and Distributed Simulation from Many Cores to the Public Cloud" support page.
In this page you'll find all the material used during the tutorial, some extra information and a short bibliography.
Please feel free to contact me for any question or comment.

Tutorial slides

All the slides used during the tutorial can be downloaded in pdf format.

Tutorial paper

An extended version of the tutorial paper can be freely downloaded from this page.

Software information and free download

The adaptive PADS, load balancing and dynamic re-allocation concepts described in the last part of the tutorial have been implemented
in the ARTÌS/GAIA software tools. All this software can be freely downloaded from the research group website.

Related work

  • Paper: Distributed Simulation of Large-Scale and Detailed Models [pdf]
  • Tutorial: Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems: from Chandy/Misra to the High Level Architecture and Beyond [ppt]
  • Tutorial: Parallel and Distributed Simulation: Traditional Techniques and Recent Advances [pdf]
  • Paper: A New Adaptive Middleware for Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Dynamically Interacting Systems [pdf]
  • Paper: HLA-based adaptive distributed simulation of wireless mobile systems [pdf]

Short bibliography

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