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Hypertext functionality and the WWW
HTF IV Workshop - 7th Int. WWW Conference
April 14th, 1998 - Brisbane (Australia)


Submission deadlines have been extended. Position statements sent by March 4th will be considered. Notification of acceptance for late submissions will be by March 9, just in time for the subscription deadline (March 12th). See section "Summary Info" for details


The "Hypertext Functionality and the WWW" workshop is the fourth workshop in a series on Hypertext Functionality (HTF)[1], which in the past were held in conjunction with the ACM Hypertext Conferences. The first three HTF workshops concentrated on the identification and organization of hypertext functionalities that could form the core of hypertext systems in a wide variety of application areas. This workshop will examine issues related to the incorporation of advanced hypertext functionality into web-based applications.

By "hypertext functionality" we mean much more than browsing by clicking on "goto" links from one node to another. The focus of the HTF series is on the identification of characteristics that define and describe the "hypertextuality" of software systems. For instance, it aims at describing new ways to view a system's knowledge and processes from a conceptual point of view, to let users access and navigate through the items of interest, to enhance the system's knowledge through comments and relationships, and to customize information and display to the individual users and their tasks. Work in the intersection of hypertext and software systems has grown significantly in volume, quality, and diversity over the past five years.

This workshop intends to pursue an analysis of the use and user view of hypertext applications deployed on the web, i.e., how does the underlying Web architecture affect achieving a goal or completing a task. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following:

This workshop appreciates and fosters the overlap of interests of practitioners in the hypertext community, the WWW community, the MIS field, and the Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS) community.


The first three HTF workshops were held in association with the ACM Hypertext conference series, the next three are being organized in conjunction with the WWW7, ICSE '98, and ICIS '98 conferences, and will be named HTF IV, V, and VI, respectively. While all workshops in the series share the underlying theme of hypertext functionality, each is tailored to emphasize the unique interests of the adjoining conference. In summary, the goal is to expand the scope of the HTF workshop series, reach out to a broader, more diverse audience, and to influence and be influenced by the software engineering, WWW, Open Hypertext, and MIS communities.


This workshop, HTF IV, will put the emphasis on hypertext functionality and the web. Prospective participants will be required to contribute positions or scenarios that clarify either how the web functions as a hypertext or how the web can be improved to support more sophisticated hypertext systems. This workshop will have as one of its goals a written report of the state of hypertext on the web and a broader and grander vision of hypertext on the web. We expect participants to be prepared to write as well as talk, and we will aim at combining their position statements and the workshop discussion into a final report.

Those interested in participating are expected to submit a 3-5 pages position statement by February, 16th, 1998. Acceptable formats are plain text and valid HTML 3.2. Notification of acceptation will be sent by March, 2nd, 1998.

Accepted participants are expected to register to the WWW conference by March 12th. This means that by March 12th they have to be registered for at least Tutorial/Workshop Day.


HTF IV - Hypertext Functionality Workshop
"Hypertext Functionality and the WWW"
April 14th, Brisbane, Australia
at the 7th International Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW7)

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[1] Here and in the following we are using the term "hypertext" as a generic term that includes and is interchangeable with the term "hypermedia".

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