Infrastructures for mobile agents and active documents

The SALADIN project is funded by the Italian Ministry of University (MURST) and includes a number of Italian research groups. The project goal is the study of Software Architectures and Languages to coordinate distributed mobile components.

The SALADIN main site is at the University of L'Aquila (project coordinator is prof. Paola Inverardi).

Activities in Bologna:

We are interested in studying languages and technologies for describing and analyzing non functional properties of software architectures, especially those including (mobile) agents.

In the last years we have developed some Java-based languages for coordinating mobile agents and some concepts for describing components and active documents based on the XML family of technologies.

Here you can find some PDF slides which describe our basic concepts. These slides were presented during a SALADIN closed workshop held in Genova on June 23, 2000.

Papers related to this project: