Investigating software metrics and formal specifications

We study software metrics to develop automatic tools able to take in input a reqs/design specification and to output some meaningful measurements. Larch design specifications are used for the design phase of a software project, as described in Clepsydra methodology technical report (P.Ciaccia, P. Ciancarini, W. Penzo; University of Bologna, Italy).

Interesting sites

  1. Software Engineering Archives
  2. R. Dumkes bibliography
  3. CNR
  4. Papers at University of Maryland
  5. OOPSLA 93 and OOPSLA 94 papers
  6. Research Access Inc. software metrics Technical Reports list
  7. WWW Virtual Library - Software Engineering
  8. Symbolic mathematical computation information SPR Software Productivity Center
  9. Markus Beckmann OO metrics annotation list
  10. Prof. Chris Kemerer
  11. Demeter's WWW Home Page

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