University of Bologna, Department of Computer Science

Linguistic support for Multiple Cooperating Agents

The project explores coordination models and languages for applications that require parallel and distributed programming. Main languages investigated here are ShaDe and Gamma.

In Bologna we are developing both programming tools (compilers, semantics analizers, specification animators) and applications of coordination languages. Field of application we are exploring are groupware through the Web, simulation, parallel symbolic computing.

We study a coordination model called "shared dataspace" and it sextensions, where parallel activities are described by multiset rewritings, or rewriting rules, or coordination clauses. We develop formal methods useful to build analysis tools to improve efficiency of distributed programs. Target hardware is both networks of workstations and massively parallel architectures.

Administrative Information

Sponsoring bodies: CEC (ESPRIT Basic Research)
Coordinator: C. Hankin, Imperial College
Project number: 9102


Start date:February 1 1994
Duration:2 years and 3 months

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Last Updated: Nov 30 1995