PAPM 2000 Program

9.00-10.00: "Are Stochastic Process Algebras Good for Performance Evaluation?" B. Haverkort (Invited Speaker) 10.00-10.30: Coffee break. 10.30-11.00: "Amalgamation of Transition Sequences in the PEPA Formalism" J. Hillston, J. Tomasik 11.00-11.30: "A Matrix-based Method for Analysing Stochastic Process Algebras" J. Bradley, N. Davies 11.30-12.00: "Temporal Rewards for Performance Evaluation" J. Voeten 12.00-12.30: "Approximating Variance in Non-Product Form Decomposed Models" N. Thomas, J. Bradley 12.30-14.00: Lunch. 14.00-15.00: "A Branching-Time Theory for Probabilistic Model Checking" R. Cleaveland (Invited Speaker) 15.00-15.30: Coffee break. 15.30-16.00: "An Asynchronous Calculus for Generative-Reactive Probabilistic Systems" A. Aldini, M. Bravetti 16.00-16.30: "A Tool for Quantitative Analysis of pi-calculus Processes" L. Brodo, P. Degano, C. Priami 16.30-17.00: "Integrating TwoTowers and GreatSPN" M. Bernardo, N. Busi, M. Ribaudo 17.00-17.30: "Modelling and Performance Analysis of Resource Allocation Strategies for Real-Time Services in UMTS using TIPPTool" L. Deotto, F. Babich 17.30-17.50: "Abstraction in Probabilistic Process Algebra" (short presentation) S. Andova, J.C.M. Baeten