Technical Reports

M.Bravetti, G. Zavattaro

``Contract Compliance and Choreography Conformance in the Presence of Message Queues''

Full version, May 2008


``Expressing Priorities, External Probabilities and Time in Process Algebra via Mixed Open/Closed Systems''

Technical Report UBLCS-2007-18, University of Bologna (Italy), Jun 2007

M.Bravetti, G. Zavattaro

``Towards a Unifying Theory for Choreography Conformance and Contract Compliance''

Full version, Feb 2007

J.C.M. Baeten, M. Bravetti,

``A ground-complete axiomatization of finite state processes in process algebra''

Technical Report CS Report 05-18, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2005

M. Bravetti, C. Guidi, R. Lucchi, G. Zavattaro,

``Supporting e-commerce systems formalization with choreography languages''

Technical Report UBLCS-2004-17, University of Bologna (Italy), Nov 2004

M. Bravetti, A. Aldini

``An Asynchronous Calculus for Generative-reactive Probabilistic Systems''

Technical Report UBLCS-2000-03, University of Bologna (Italy), May 2000 (revised March 2001)

M. Bravetti, M. Bernardo

``Compositional Asymmetric Cooperations for Process Algebras with Probabilities, Priorities, and Time''

Technical Report UBLCS-2000-01, University of Bologna (Italy), January 2000 (revised January 2001)

M. Bravetti, R. Gorrieri

``A Complete Axiomatization for Observational Congruence of Prioritized Finite-State Behaviors''

Technical Report UBLCS-99-18, University of Bologna (Italy), July 1999

M. Bravetti, R. Gorrieri

``Deciding and Axiomatizing ST Bisimulation for a Process Algebra with Recursion and Action Refinement''

Technical Report UBLCS-99-1, University of Bologna (Italy), February 1999

M. Bernardo, M. Bravetti

``Formal Specification of Performance Measures for Process Algebra Models of Concurrent Systems''

Technical Report UBLCS-98-08, University of Bologna (Italy), June 1998 (revised April 2001)

M. Bravetti, M. Bernardo, R. Gorrieri

``GSMPA: A Core Calculus with Generally Distributed Durations''

Technical Report UBLCS-98-06, University of Bologna (Italy), June 1998

M. Bravetti, M. Bernardo, R. Gorrieri

``Generalized Semi-Markovian Process Algebra''

Technical Report UBLCS-97-09, University of Bologna (Italy), October 1997