My research interests lie in the general area of “Computer Systems”. More specifically, I am interested in software techniques for tackling the challenges due to distribution, scale and failures. Here is a partial list of the topics I have worked on over the past 30 years, in roughly inverse chronological order. For each topic, I have linked a publication that is most representative of my work in that area.

Cognified Distributed Computing
High-Performance Computing
Energy efficiency in HPC systems
Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics
Big Data Tools

Cloud Computing
Overlay Networks
Self-Organization in Dynamic Networks
Game Theoretic Techniques in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Biology and Nature-Inspired Computing
Gossip-Based Techniques in Distributed Systems
Autonomic Computing and Self-Management
Peer-to-Peer Systems
Group Communication Systems
Parallel Computing on Networks of Workstations
Byzantine Agreement
Distributed Systems
Fault-Tolerant Computing
Performance Evaluation and Modeling
Operating Systems

Since 1990, my work has been funded mostly by the European Commission through the following grants:

PDCS: Esprit Basic Research Action no. 3092
BROADCAST: Esprit Basic Research Action no. 6360
CaberNet: Esprit Network of Excellence no. 21035
ADAPT: IST Programme Shared Cost RTD Project no. IST-2001-37126
BISON: IST-FET Programme Shared Cost RTD Project no. IST-2001-38923
DELIS: IST-FET Programme Integrated Project no. IST-001907