Data Argomento Slides
25/09 Introduction, Changing face of attackers, Economic impacts, Security terminology intro.pdf
26/09 Security in context, Network Information Systems, Trustworthiness, Real world security
27/09 Zero-day attacks, Security Policies, Assurance versus functionality, Security design principles

02/10 Introduction to cryptography, Terminology, Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography critto-intro.pdf
03/10 Substitution ciphers, Permutation ciphers, Rotor engines, Enigma, One-time-pad
San Petronio
09/10 Digital Encryption Standard (DES)

10/10 Public-key cryptography, the RSA algorithm, Correctness and security of RSA critto-RSA.pdf
11/10 Efficiency of RSA, Primality testing, Generating large primes
16/10 Authentication, Digest algorithms, Digital signatures, Message Authentication Codes critto-auth.pdf

18/10 Key Management, Kerberos critto-key-manage.pdf
Lezione rinviata causa Consiglio di Dipartimento
24/10 Laboratorio: Introduzione e Esercitazione 1 lab-intro.pdf
25/10 Certificates, Public-Key Infrastructures critto-PKI.pdf
30/10 Secret sharing, Key Escrow
31/10 PGP: Pretty Good Privacy critto-PGP.pdf

06/11 Laboratorio: Esercitazione 2 lab-eserciz2.pdf
SSL: Secure Sockets Layer SSL.pdf
08/11 User Authentication: Passwords, Dictionary Attack, Spoofing, Keyloggers, One-time passwords
13/11 User Authentication: Biometrics, Cryptographic Techniques, S/Key, 2-factor verification critto-user-auth.pdf
14/11 Laboratorio: Esercitazione 3 lab-eserciz3.pdf
15/11 Access Control: Discretionary, Mandatory and Role-based Access Control access-control.pdf
20/11 Access Control: Access Control Lists, Capabilities, Unix example
21/11 Internet Security: Firewalls firewall.pdf
22/11 Laboratorio: Esercitazione 4 lab-eserciz4.pdf
27/11 Internet Security: IPSec (Rilevazione opinioni studenti) IPSec.pdf
28/11 Internet Security: Denial-of-Service, Distributed Denial-of-Service, Defenses DoS.pdf
29/11 Internet Security: Cloud, IoT and Wireless Security Cloud-IoT-Wireless.pdf
04/12 Laboratorio: Esercitazione 5 lab-eserciz5.pdf
05/12 Intrusion Detection Systems, Cyber Forensics IDS.pdf
06/12 Words of Wisdom from Bruce Schneier Schneier.pdf