List of Accepted Posters

Poster Session I

Distributed Network Utility Maximization in Wireless Networks With a Bounded Number of Nodes

Analysis and Enhancement of On-demand Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

RealMobiSim: Realistic Mobility Simulator and Analyzer

Dynamic Reputation-Based Incentive Mechanism for Cooperative Relay in Personal Networks

Downlink Mixed-Traffic Scheduling with Packet Division Multiplexing

Achievable throughput and service delay for imperfect cooperative retransmission MAC protocols

A Collaborative Model for Representing Wireless Sensor Networks: Entities and Properties

Modeling and Simulation Comparison of Two Time Synchronization Protocols

Cross-Layer Performance Evaluation of Sensor Networks: Routing over Energy Efficient MAC

Poster Session II

Studying Misbehavior in CSMA/CA Wireless LANs

An Efficient Multi-Dimensional Handover Scheme for Next-Generation Networks

Channel control for multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks

Analysis and Enhancement of On-demand Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Performance of Wireless Network Simulators - A Case Study

A Scalable and Dynamic Energy Efficient Hybrid-based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

On stability and maximum throughput of exponential backoff mechanisms with two users

The Effect Of Vehicular Environment on Broadcast Protocols

Quality of Service Support and Backoff strategies in Wireless Networks with Error Control Protocol

Advanced and Versatile Real-Time Emulation Platform for Heterogeneous Radio Access Systems