List of Accepted Posters

Improving end-to-end goodput of ad hoc networks with SCTP multihoming
Sakuna Charoenpanyasak, Beatrice Paillassa

A Survey of Seamless Handover in Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks
Christina Thorpe, Liam Murphy

Modeling capacity in ad hoc networks
Laura Marie Feeney, Christian Rohner

Distributed Data Collection in Sensor Networks
Fernando Martincic, Loren Schwiebert

Where and How to Apply Design Patterns in an UMTS Simulator with HSDPA Functionalities
Gaspar Pedreo, Juan J. Alcaraz, Fernando Cerdn

A Signal Combining ARQ Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
Per Karlsson

Simulation-based Analysis of TCP Interaction over Next Generation Mobile Networks
Anthony Lo, Jinglong Zhou, Ignas Niemegeers

On the Relation of Backoff Duration and Throughput of the IEEE 802.11 DCF
Jun Liu

Poster Camera ready Instructions

The camera ready version must be in the cti-press latex style format (file ctistyle.cls; for an example see file poster.tex) and have a maximum of 12 pages.

Authors must submit all required files (i.e. tex source, figures, etc.) by email to the address

in a compressed archive (.zip or .tar.gz), by August 28, 2006.

A best poster award will be given during the event, by a selection committee, based on the contribution of each poster as well as its presentation. Details on the poster session will be posted soon.

IMPORTANT: note that for the poster to be included in the Proceedings, at least one author for each poster must attend the event and register (full registration).


MSWiM 2006 Poster Co-Chairs:

Prof. Stephan Olariu
Old Dominion University, USA

Prof. Sotiris Nikoletseas
University of Patras and Computer Technology Institute (CTI), Greece