The conference center is at 6 Via Frangipane in Bertinoro. Bertinoro is a small village in the foothills of the Apenines in northern Italy. The nearest big towns are Forlì (30 minutes away) and then Bologna (90 minutes).

Via Bologna - Bologna airport (BLQ) is served frequently by many airlines, including Go/Easyjet. From the airport, a bus runs every fifteen minutes to the city train station (cost €5 payable on the bus; duration 15 minutes). From here, the conference will charter a special coach to the conference center (free; duration 90 minutes; see below), or you can make your own way by train to Forlì (see below). Bologna is also the major train hub for northern Italy, should you wish to come by train.

Forlì Airport was recently renamed Bologna Airport (Forlì) by Ryanair in a stroke of marketing genius. The airport is a long way from Bologna, but fortunately quite near to Bertinoro (20 minutes by taxi; €30). A single Ryanair plane arrives in Forli each evening (21:15) from London Stanstead, and returns half an hour later. It always runs late. The flight is served by a coach from and to Bologna (90 minutes; €10; see below) which will wait for the late-running plane. This coach is of course counterproductive for getting to the conference, but useful if you plan to extend your stay in Bologna. A second service to Forlì has recently been opened from Franfurt.

Train/bus - The train stops closest to Bertinoro are Forlimpopoli (7km from Bertinoro), Forlì (13km) and Cesena (13km). (See tren-italia or dbahn online timetables). From there, several buses go to Bertinoro; catch them at the stops Via Oriani and Piazzale della Vittora (see atr-online online timetable).

By car - Coming from either Bologna or Rimini on the A14, leave the A14 at Cesena-Nord, and take the E45 towards Rome until you reach the exist of Cesena Ovest. Turn right onto the Via Emilia towards Forlì-Bologna. The road to Bertinoro is after the village of Capocolle, at the traffic light, on the left. It is 12km from Cesena-Nord exit. (See these maps [map of getting to Berinoro by road] [map of getting to Bertinoro by road]).

Coach between Forlì airport and Bologna - A coach takes passengers from Bologna to Forlì in time for the departing flight (21:15) and takes the arriving passengers back to Bologna, waiting for them when the plane runs late. Recognise the coach by the Forliì sign in its window. Don't be concerned if the driver seems to let you on without paying - he often collects the €10 when you get off! The stop at Forlì is just outside the arrivals area; the stop at Bologna is Bay Number 3 in the central bus station (see this map [map of Bologna autostazione]).

dep. Bologna  19:10
arr. Forlì20:25
dep. Forlì21:40
arr. Bologna22:55

Special charter coach between Bologna and conference site - The organisers will charter a coach to go directly to the conference site from Bologna. Recognise this coach by the computery-looking people wielding "ICTCS" placards next to it. It will depart Bologna from the bus station (see this map [map of Bologna autostazione]) and from the airport, according to this schedule:

dep. Bologna bus station18:30
dep. Bologna airport19:00
arr. Bertinoro residential center20:30
It will only be available to those who have emailed a booking.