Internet Access

On the ground floor of the conference center is a computer room with Windows machines. No username or password is needed to log on.

You can plug laptops into the ethernet ports in the computer room. Certain areas in the conference center also allow wireless access; a handout will be given out at the start of the conference with details.

For accommodation in the conference building itself, every room has an ethernet port. For the other accommodation in the seminary, two minutes' walk downhill from the conference center, there are a number of Windows machines scattered about. Most are behind locked doors, so you will have to get a key from the receptionist.


The conference room has a single computer projector (1024x768 resolution) or a single overhead projector; you cannot use both at the same time. The projector's red colour saturation is failing, so don't rely on subtle colour gradients or shading in your slides.

There are no public printing facilities. If you want to print, put it online or on disk and ask one of the conference-center secretaries to print it for you.

Conference Center

The conference center has its own web site, with maps and further details: