International School HATS-FMCO


Modern software systems are complex, and often structured as a composition of a high number of components or objects. The school focuses on formal models and programming languages for such system, including methods and tools for specifying and designing them, and for ensuring behavioural and security guatantees. A special emphasis will be given to methods for ensuring the adaptability and evolvability of the systems, with which the systems can cope with changes in the environment as well as with modified and new requirements.

The School is organised by the project HATS (Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software using Formal Models), a EU Integrated Project within the FET "FOREVER YOURS" programme, in agreement with the EternalS Coordination Action (CA) that coordinates the research among the four projects of the "Forever Yours" initiative: LivingKnowledge, HATS, Connect, and SecureChange.

The School will feature lectures by world-renowned experts within the area of formal models for objects and components. Involved working areas are, e.g., type theory, programming languages, formal methods, concurrency and software engineering.