List of previous DS-RT events

Here you can find the links to previous DS-RT homepages, technical programs, and all related informations.

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The 1-st DiS-RT 1997 in Eilat, Israel
The 2-nd DiS-RT 1998 in Montreal, Canada
The 3-rd DiS-RT 1999: Greenbelt, MD, USA
The 4-th DS-RT 2000: San Francisco, CA, USA
The 5-th DS-RT 2001: Cincinnati, OH, USA
The 6-th DS-RT 2002: Fort Worth, TX, USA
The 7-th DS-RT 2003: Delft, The Netherlands
The 8-th DS-RT 2004: Budapest, Hungary
The 9-th DS-RT 2005: Montreal, Canada
The 10-th DS-RT 2006: Torremolinos, Spain
The 11-th DS-RT 2007: Chania, Crete Island, Greece
The 12-th DS-RT 2008: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada