My research interests lie in the general area of “Computer Systems”. More specifically, I am interested in software techniques for tackling the challenges brought about by distribution, scale and failures. Here is a partial list of the topics I have worked on over the past 30 years, in roughly reverse chronological order. For each topic, I have linked a publication that is most representative of my work in that area.

Predictive Analytics
Big Data Tools

Cloud Computing
Overlay Networks
Self-Organization in Dynamic Networks
Game Theoretic Techniques in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Biology and Nature-Inspired Computing
Gossip-Based Techniques in Distributed Systems
Autonomic Computing and Self-Management
Peer-to-Peer Systems
Group Communication Systems
Parallel Computing on Networks of Workstations
Byzantine Agreement
Distributed Systems
Fault-Tolerant Computing
Performance Evaluation and Modeling
Operating Systems

Animations of simulation results exploring some of these topics can be found in this page.

Since 1990, my work has been funded mostly by the European Commission through the following grants:

PDCS: Esprit Basic Research Action no. 3092
BROADCAST: Esprit Basic Research Action no. 6360
CaberNet: Esprit Network of Excellence no. 21035
ADAPT: IST Programme Shared Cost RTD Project no. IST-2001-37126
BISON: IST-FET Programme Shared Cost RTD Project no. IST-2001-38923
DELIS: IST-FET Programme Integrated Project no. IST-001907